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About Circle of Peace International

Who We Are

Circle of Peace International promotes access to formal education, greater social understanding and cultural exchange through outreach, and relationship building between Americans and Ugandans.

What We Do

Circle of Peace International supports Circle of Peace School in Makindye, Uganda. There, nearly 300 boys and girls from preschool through grade six receive the education that they would otherwise be denied because they are unable to pay required public school fees.

In Uganda, only 20% of boys and 17% of girls are educated past the seventh grade.  Primary education is free, but students must fees to cover the cost of books, uniforms and supplies. Those who cannot pay may not attend school.

Many Ugandan families cannot afford school fees. About 90% of Ugandan children live without electricity or running water, and more than 50% of Uganda survives on just $2 a day.

A volunteer with school children at Circle of Peace School in Uganda

Circle of Peace International seeks to change these statistics and improve all childrens' access to quality education in Uganda.

Our Priorities and Projects

We are focusing on several initiatives to support the school and build understanding between students in the U.S. and Uganda:

Our Mission

Our mission at Circle of Peace International is to:

  • Advance schools in Uganda that provide quality education to disadvantaged children

  • Raise awareness globally of the value of children's education in Africa to create lasting change for future generations

image of children at Circle of Peace School in Uganda

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children can pursue quality education that enables them to achieve their dreams.

Our Values

Our values support our mission and vision to provide and transform quality education to all in Uganda, and create sustainable change through cultural partnership and stewardship. 

  • Passion for education

  • Partnership

  • Transformation

  • ​Stewardship

  • Inclusiveness

  • Accountability

Image of school children at a desk at Circle of Peace School in Uganda

Learn More About Circle of Peace

Read more about Circle of Peace International, our school and our progress, and see facts at a glance in this brochure.

Find out more about volunteer opportunities, or how you can donate today.

Image of a boy standing in a crowd of children at Circle of Peace School in Uganda
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