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Over the past 10 years, COPI has raised nearly $100,000 in donations to cover maintenance and operational costs of Circle of Peace School. There are many ways you can donate today. 

We've made it easy to provide ongoing Circle of Peace International. Here's how you can contribute while you shop.


Make Purchases on Amazon


When you shop on Amazon through AmazonSmile, a portion of your purchase (0.5% of the price before tax and shipping) will go towards Circle of Peace International. Visit AmazonSmile for details.


Recycle E-waste and Buy Recycled Products

COPI is raising funds by recycling e-waste and buying recycled products with Planet Green Recycle.


All you have to do is recycle your e-waste (empty ink cartridges, cellphones and small electronics). Every time you do, Circle of Peace International receives a check. Learn how the recycling program works and how you can help


Buy an RVA Card Through COPI

If you like to save money while shopping at local Richmond businesses, contact COPI to buy an RVA discount card. Learn more about the card program at RVA Card.


Donate Through Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Does your employer have a matching gift program?  Donate through these corporate giving programs, which allow your employer to match donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations.  It's an easy way to double your contribution to COPI!

Ongoing Support

New Classroom Building


COPI developed plans for a permanent, state-of-the art large school building designed to meet the needs of the school in the future. It will include classrooms for each grade, bathrooms, a gym and infirmary.


See proposed floor plans:

Still Needed: $240,000

Help Us Expand the School Campus

Next door to the current campus, land is available.  This property is on a main road and has access to public water and electricity.  Without additional space, moving forward with new classrooms will be difficult. Your donation will help us expand our school with new classroom buildings as our student population grows.

Total raised: $60,000   Still needed: $60,000

COPI's Employer Identification Number is 45-0794959. Financial donations to Circle of Peace International are fully deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Help Us Build New Structures for the Future

Currently, there are 10 classrooms with two that are small, temporary, makeshift classrooms.


All classrooms are cramped, and their desks, chalkboards and resources are outdated, small and don't provide enough space for our children. Students and teachers have limited space to move or for storing classroom materials. 


All rooms need renovations, including new windows, floors and ceilings. Windows are deteriorating, and floors and ceilings are worn.You can help us plan for the future by donating towards the new classroom and multi-purpose buildings.

Current cramped and outdated classrooms at Circle of Peace School

New Dormitory and Library Building

Recently COPI received a $30,000 gift for a smaller two-story, permanent building that will house an expanded library, a staff member room,  boys' dormitory and with several classrooms.


But we still need $8,000 to 10,000 to begin building the structure for our students.


Help us meet our goals for a new space for our Circle of Peace School students and donate today.

Total raised: $30,000   Still needed: $8,000-10,000

Picture of proposed new building at Circle of Peace School

One Time Giving