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Through our service learning program, we've had more than 20 volunteers help at Circle of Peace School over the years. Volunteers have helped in the classroom and managed building and engineering projects and more.


Volunteers must travel to Uganda at their own expense and pay a small charge for room and board at the school or at a U.S.- run club.

We are looking for volunteers to help in these U.S. positions:

There are many ways you can have an impact in children's lives by volunteering for Circle of Peace International in the U.S.


We accept student, intern and professional volunteers and have a range of opportunities perfect for your background and skills.

We need your help to continue our work in supporting Circle of Peace School. If you are interested in volunteering, or have questions, email us.

Volunteer Teachers, Laborers or Technical Experts Needed

Are you a teacher or student teacher? We would love your help in the classrooms or with staff training. 

Do you have building, maintenance, painting or construction skills? We could use your help with facilities management and repair projects at the school.


Do you have a background in alternative energy, diesel engines, business planning and management, or photography? We welcome your help.


Contact us to volunteer!


Volunteer With the Organization

Volunteer With the School

We rely on our volunteers to achieve our mission to support Circle of Peace School and our students in Uganda and grow our organization.


We are always looking for volunteers who have time and skills to share, whether on the COPI board, across the organization or at the school.

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